Our Team

Marius Landman


Founder of BitcoinTAF

Cryptocurrency Algorithm Specialist/Data Scientist

Wendy Landman


Governance & Compliance Officer

Co-Founder of BitcoinTAF

Founder of HODLNOTS

MTT - Lead Analyst

Nico le Roux

BitcoinTAF Advisory Board

Head of Design & Creative Development

BitcoinTAF DTM Lead Analyst

BitcoinTAF Inner Circle Analyst

Founder & Lead Analyst at UTC

MTT - Lead Analyst

Vikki Zanotto

BitcoinTAF Advisory Board

BTAF Head of Operations

UI/UX Manager

HODLNOTS Partner & Training and Development Manager

Reon Scrooby

BitcoinTAF Graphics & Design

Marketing and Advertising

Cory Gardiner

BTAF Technical Research and Development

BitcoinTAF DTM Senior Analyst

UTC Training and Development

Founder of DTM Essentials

Michelle Gray

BitcoinTAF Administration

Ruben Hernandez

IT Team Lead and Senior Advisor

UXI Development

Dr. Adrian McCullagh

Legal and Governance

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